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Asmita Gardens


Location: Bucharest
Aluminum System: SCHUCO RS65, SCHUCO FW 50+ Dorma Arcos Doors, Feal Aluminum Grid
Glass: Sun Guard HS Super Neutral 70 – Current Stories
            Sun Guard HP Secured Neutral 61 – Ground Floor and Penthouse
Surface: 7,100 mp

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Since 1999, we have set ourselves on the aluminum carpentry market with high professionalism and high quality of the works created.

Our belief is to finish any construction or interior design with excellence, project in the achievement of which we are involved, and all our work is guided by the vision of success. All the experience we have gained over the years is offered to our clients, doubling a refinement in the making of works.

As demanding as we are with ourselves, we offer quality services above all. One one our features is that we are reliable partners, giving proof of stability and consistency in everything we do. We are brave and we will not change.

Every year, we diversify our aluminum profiles, accessories and fittings, trying to meet all requirements of modern architecture. On demand, we execute:

Our Services:

  • Curtain Wall Systems
  • PVC Carpentry
  • Aluminum Carpentry
  • BOND Cladding
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Standard Profiles
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“Everest International Company has shown professionalism and outstanding quality in the execution of curtain walling works execution”

Daniel Avny
Multigalaxy SRL